Are the terrorists recognized as terrorists? July 24-25

The President of Ukraine recalls the European Parliament to recognize so-called “People’s republic of Lugansk” and “People’s republic of Donetsk” as terrorist organizations. It would be strange to call these illegal armed bands otherwise, given the information of nsdc (National Security and Defense Council) that these people, in particularly, organized their base in one of schools in Gorlivka and mined the territory around it. Moreover, the gunmen negotiate to receive phosphor bombs from Russia. There are still mass killings of civilians, pillage, robbery and seizure of administrative and private buildings. Citizens of Donetsk city are kidnapped and released for ransom. Unfortunately, the last message is not new, but an ordinary state of affairs.

During several last days the Ukrainian antiterrorist forces have released from the gunmen several settlements, including Lysychansk, Verkhnekamenka of Lugansk oblast, Pervomaysk, Severodonetsk. Presently, there are the following activities in the released regions: monitoring of the former gunmen locations, “operations measures on detection of subversive bands of terrorists” (of which the staff of antiterrorist operation doesn’t give detailed information, unfortunately), and mine clearing of territories.

There are continuous losses in killed and wounded Ukrainian soldiers, continuous attacks on Ukrainian roadblocks, frontiers, as well as ceaseless fire from Russian Rocket Launcher “Grad” weapon from the side of Russian Federation.


About 150 children from kindergartens of Donetsk and Makiivka are held hostages by terrorists, because on July 24 they were not evacuated from the zone of antiterrorist operation in Donetsk oblast. Previously, the press-service of Donetsk Oblast State Administration informed that on July 22 there was planned to evacuate 135 children, aged 0-4  years old, from Makiivka specialized orphanage (for HIV/AIDS infected children) and from Donetsk oblast municipal orphanage “Malyutka”. However, when the children were ready for departure, and busses were near the orphanages, the armed representatives of “Vostok” battalion forbade evacuating the children. The terrorist reacted highly aggressively on the requests and persuasions of the staff of orphanages. The terrorists threatened to kill the staff of the orphanages.

Unknown people in Makiivka kidnapped 3 local officers from Makiivka.

Yuriy Lelyavskyi, freelance correspondent of ZIK magazine from Lviv, was taken prisoner again. For this time he was captured on the territory of antiterrorist operation in Lugansk oblast.

As a result of release of Pervomaysk and Severodonetsk cities by Ukrainian Armed Forces there were found citizens of Ukraine previously kidnapped by gunmen. Three people were found in the cell No.7 in Pervomaysk. Two people were found in the basement of the building No.1 in the 1 Vilesova Street in Severodonetsk.

Five Nigerian students and a local woman were released earlier. Also representatives of “PRL” (“People’s republic of Lugansk”) released three more Nigerian students. The students were in captivity for three days. The gunmen took them to the railway station, gave one mobile phone and even some money to buy tickets.

After their shift at the Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant four citizens of Kalynovo (near Stakhanov) went to swim and disappeared. Late evening they returned home to take their documents. As it turned out, the men were taken into an armed band. The gunmen threatened to shoot them if they refuse to fight on their side.

July 24, director and two workers of DTEK Zuyev thermal power plant (one of oligarch Akhmetov’s enterprises) were kidnapped by unknown armed people in camouflage uniforms in Zugres city of Donetsk oblast.

July 25, Ivan Deineka, born in 1950, was released from captivity. He was held hostage by "home guard" of "PRD" (“People’s republic of Donetsk”) for six days.

A warrant officer from military unit No. 3037, located in Donetsk, was detained by unknown armed people (unidentified gunmen) when checking documents and taken in an unknown direction. There is information about kidnapping of two more Ukrainian soldiers.

Terrorists of “PRD” kidnapped Andriy Haletskyi and Elena Harkusha, the officers of Donetsk Oblast State Administration. Five previously missing people during the period from 5 to 14 July mainly in Lugansk ​​contacted. All of them are alive are safe at the moment.

July 4, gunmen of “PRD” kidnapped a citizen of Makiivka by feigning police.


By order of the investigator, mass grave of victims of terrorists in Slovyansk will be exhumed on Thursday to identify remains of victims and conduct criminal investigation. “There are buried both innocent tortured citizens of Slovyansk and other cities of Ukraine, who unfortunately find themselves in that terrible place on the world map, and bodies of terrorists, names, nationality and citizenship of which are to be identified by investigation,” wrote Heraschenko, the counselor of the minister of internal affairs, on his Facebook. He didn’t exclude the possibility of finding bodies of policemen, soldiers and officers of National Guard and Armed Forces of Ukraine, missing during the battles for Slovyansk.

The majority of the 18 gunmen, who were taken prisoners after one of the last battles in the Lugansk oblast, turned out citizens of Russia. In addition, among the prisoners are also ethnic Chechens, Azerbaijanis, an Ossetian, and a Serbian citizen. Only a few of them are locals from Lugansk oblast.

According to the Department of Health of the Donetsk Oblast State Administration, total number of victims killed in the region is 432 people (including 36 women and six children) and injured 1 015 people since March of this year.

July 23 and 24, the loss of gunmen during battles near Marynivka, Kozhevnya and Dubrovka was about 50 people (mostly wounded), said Pavel Gubarev.

The Communist party has accused the National Guard of the murder of Vyacheslav Kovshun, the secretary of the Communist party in Glinky and the member of village council Kumachevo of Donetsk oblast, at the checkpoint near the village of Luzhky Starobeshevskiy district. “Telephone communication with him was cut short at night of July 22. The body of the communist was found with numerous gunshot wounds and in a pool of blood in the morning”.

A body of an unknown man with gunshot wound of chest was delivered in the hospital of Ilovaisk town. Another man, aged 25, medium build, Slavic appearance, dressed in camouflage uniforms, was also delivered to the hospital with shrapnel wound of head.

Unknown people in camouflage uniforms delivered a body of unknown man, aged 30-40, naked and with shrapnel wound of head, to the morgue of Snizhnyansk branch of the regional bureau of forensic medical expertise. According to the explanations of the people, who delivered the body, the body was found on July 23 in the area near Marynivka village of Shakhtersk district.


Gunmen conducted extensive activity in educational institution of Slovyansk. Terrorists arranged a laboratory for production of homemade explosive devices in the classrooms for primary pupils of the school No.4 in Cherkovtsi district of Slovyansk. “There were found many wires, switches and detonators in the premises. One can see gunpowder and a vessel with explosive liquid” informs National Security and Defense Council. Moreover, four explosive devices and 0,5 kl of plastid, intended for remote detonation, were found only in one of the premises of the school. Other educational buildings of Slovyansk were mined with similar explosive devices. National Security and Defense Council affirms that terrorists arrange base stations and weapon emplacements in educational institutions. Terrorists deployed Russian Rocket Launcher “Grad” in the school No.16. Secret ammunition depot with 22 boxes of ammunition of 30 calibre was found in the Slovyanks aviation college.

Gunmen partially pillaged big shopping and entertainment center “Donetsk-City” in Donetsk with losses amounting to tens of millions of dollars.

A local businessman appealed to the Starobeshevskyi District Central Police Department with the claim that July 22 unknown armed people in camouflage uniforms attacked him and robbed of 108 722 HRV on the road Velykonovoselovka-Amvrosiivka.

A chairman of the city court appealed to the Dokuchaevskyi City Central Police Department with the claim that unknown man fired his house with unidentified weapon.

July 23, unknown people in camouflage uniforms under threat of fire captured buildings of Marynivska interdistrict public prosecutor’s office, Khartsysk police city department and Petrovsk District Central Police Department of Donetsk city administration.


National mail service company “Ukrposhta” temporary suspended the receipt and delivery of mail in Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as in some other localities of Donbass due to active hostilities. “Ukrposhta” notes that in the last week there are more frequent cases of illegal stops, blocking, inspection and even firing of company’s cars by armed bands.

There are new damages of the water channel Severskyi Donets-Donbass. Continuous military actions don’t allow securing proper functioning of the channel even in minimal regime. Water supply for a half million citizens of Donetsk and Makiivka will be enough for several days.

Terrorists of so-called “People’s republic of Lugansk” watch by the railway station. According to eyewitnesses, six armed men in camouflage uniforms entered the waiting room on the ground floor of Lugansk railway station. Terrorists demanded that the passengers should go back home. Railway station workers quit their job, so there can be problems with arrival and departure of trains in Lugansk in the nearest future.

The railway stations of Nikitovka and Gorlivka are closed.

There are appaointed a number of extra trains from Lugansk to Kyiv on July 25-29.


Roman Catholic parish of Saint Mary ceased to exist in Lugansk. On the eve the Bolotov’s gunmen came to the church and “asked insistently” to stop the service. Otherwise the gunmen promised to come again and make the nuns “repent in Orthodox church”, and the priests “dig trenches”.

The gunmen of “PRD” gave a three-day ultimatum to Donetsk policemen. Under the gunmen’s demand, police officers, loyal to their duty and oath, in three days had to swear allegiance to “People’s republic of Donetsk” and write a report to dismiss. Otherwise they would be shot. This ultimatum was addressed precisely to those policemen, who supported united Ukraine and stayed in the town to fulfill their duty.

The exit road through Proletarsk Bridge is open for citizens of Lysychansk. Ukrainian soldiers created so-called “green corridor” for the citizens, where they can leave the area of antiterrorist operation. Those people, who managed to go through it said that everyone had to have a passport. According to the messages from social networks, behind the corridor it is possible to go to Severodonetsk, Kremenna, Svyatogorsk and Kharkiv. The road is safe.

A group of initiators of women citizens of Alchevsk town appealed to the gunmen of battalion of “Aleksei Mozgovyi’s national home guard” with the demand to leave Alchevsk. There are problems with delivery of food and medicine to the town.

Gunmen took phones from citizens of Stakhanov town, when they try to take photos of streets (information from the eyewitness). According to the previous information, citizens of Stakhanov leave en masse the town. There are no water in some parts of the town. Gunmen started to rob grocery stores.


The State Emergency Service informs about 52 920 IDPs from Donetsk and Lugansk oblast as of July 25. At the same time, there are 18 691 children, 6 594 disabled and the elderly people among them. The most difficult is to provide these people with dwelling and life support in Kyiv (which has already taken 7868 people), Kharkiv (8894 people), Zaporizhzhya (5261 people) and Dnipropetrovsk (5723 people). According to the UN, about 230 thousand Ukrainians have become internally displaced persons as a result of developments in Ukraine. About 100 thousand people left the conflict zone and moved to other regions of Ukraine, and about 130 thousand people crossed the border with Russia.

18 Ukrainian soldiers returned in Ukraine after the medical treatment in Russia Federation, and a body of a soldier. Four Ukrainian soldiers still receive medical treatment in Rostov-on-Don.

According to the information of Ukrainska Pravda, OstroV, Novosti Donbassa, Facebook