Who we are


Initiative group Euromaydan SOS
It is self-organized group of human rights and civil society activists, lawyers, journalists and other concerned citizens of different professions. Initiative group Euromaydan SOS was created as a response to the illegal actions of the authorities to disperse peaceful demonstration at night from 29 to 30 of November 2013 at the Independence Square. The main purpose of Initiative group Euromaydan SOS is to provide operative and legal assistance to Euromaydan victims not only in Kyiv but also in Ukrainian regions. The Initiative group collect and analyze information to protect peaceful protesters and to provide temporary assessments of the situation. Initiative group Euromaydan SOS acting as an intermediary between Euromaydans participants, provides legal assistance and lawyers whom are working as volunteers.  

How Initiative group Euromaydan SOS began its activity.
In the morning of November 30, 2013 Initiative group Euromaydan SOS began its activity with the help of activists from different regions of Ukraine. That day at 11.00 o’clock in the morning was created page in Facebook and published three hotline numbers. By the end of the day Facebook page visited about 10,000 members and hotline numbers received about 300 calls from victims and witnesses. Since that day and from 18th of December 2013, the Initiative group operates round-the-clock. Euromaydan SOS Volunteers work for free on the principles of self-organization, solidarity and responsibility.  

Major Euromaydan SOS activities:
⦁    Physical injuries as a result of police action to limit freedom of assembly;
⦁    Illegal arrest of members of peaceful assembly;
⦁    Protection of peaceful assembly members in case of opening criminal or administrative cases against them;
⦁    Disappeared participants of peaceful assembly after the forceful dispersal of the meeting;
⦁    Beating of peaceful assembly participants by unknown persons;
⦁     Illegal actions of the traffic police towards Automaydan participants;
⦁    Other (pressure on students from the management of the University, blocking the roads towards Euromaydan, damage to vehicles, etc.);

Calling to hotline numbers.
Euromaydan SOS has three round-the-clock hotline numbers, these numbers receive complaints from the victims, their friends and relatives, journalists and witnesses of the illegal actions. Euromaydan SOS in the period from 30 of November to 11 of December had received approximately one hundred calls per day. Now the number of calls are ranging from 5 to 30 per day.
Hotline numbers: +380685481241, +380666849830, 380633379573.
Phone numbers for lawyers who want to help: +380961664287

Euromaydan SOS in Internet.
Euromaydan SOS has its own page in the social network Facebook to spread the operative information about the victims and the persecuted members of peaceful assembly. The page also exist to mobilize the community in order to conduct information campaigns and direct action. There was an example of a public information campaign called “Ne byz skotam” in the frame of this campaign were prepared and sent about one hundred allegations of crime. The campaign goal was bring to justice police officers who used illegal violence against peaceful demonstrators as so bring to justice certain authority officials who gave such criminal orders.
Euromaydan SOS in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EvromaidanSOS
Euromaydan SOS in VK: http://vk.com/maidan_sos
Euromaydan SOS in Twitter: https://twitter.com/sosmaydan
All collected information is accumulated on the site: https://euromaidansos.org
Monitoring of peaceful assembly and court records carried out by a group of civil observers "OZONE", a voluntary association of active citizens, especially young activists, lawyers and journalists. The Group provide public control over the activities of the authorities during peaceful assembly and trials against their members. The "OZONE" activists track offenses during the peaceful actions, help to establish civilized contacts between demonstrators and police officers, record illegal law proceedings in the court. The "OZONE" activists based on the results of observations publish conclusions and recommendations, as well as carry out legal action to resolve identified systemic problems.
"OZONE" page in Facebook: www.facebook.com/OZON.monitoring
Details of the initiative: http://ccl.org.ua/activities/hr/ozon/

The collection of video and photo evidences of Euromaydan events.
Euromaydan SOS addressed to journalists and mass media with a request to send photos and video evidence of offenses committed by the police officers against peaceful protesters, journalists and members of Automaydan during peaceful Euromaydan demonstrations in Kiev and regions. These action are needed to protect participants of a peaceful assembly and make objective assessment of events. The Independent public commission will investigate the actions of the government in Kiev and regions, during peaceful Euromaydan demonstrations. Please send the mention above materials by email: evromaidansos@gmail.com.


Our partners Euromaidan SOS Europe and Maidan Help Project are European initiatives that cooperates in the frames of information exchange and assists the “Maidan Family” Foundation in the sending Euromaidaners for rehabilitation in Germany. “This is a journalistic project, which shall support the freedom of Ukraine, the practice of Human Rights and the distribution of correct information against the propaganda and wrong information about the crisis in the Ukraine reaching from Russia. ” For more details you could contact them on their facebook page.