By 20 December 2013, 59 missing people were found. The main reasons for searches were the loss of phone signal, lost mobile phones and discharged batteries. However, there were cases when people were found in intensive care rooms, hospitals, political rallies or other places. Apart from volunteers, the teams of the singer Ruslana, the lawmaker Lesya Orobets and representatives of the Criminal Investigation Department of Shevchenko District Police Department.

This list contains 11 names. 4 of these are particularly emphasized.

  1. Anatoliy Andriyovych Shynkaruk. According to the information from the Ministry of the Interior, he left home on 01.06.2013 and did not return. He was born on 24.04.1959 in Vinnytsia. His relatives try to find him in the list of those who suffered from suppression of the Maidan on 30.11.2013

  2. Rustam Ruslanovych Dubitskiy. Lives in Kyiv. Rustam’s father filed a request to find his son on 30.10.2013

  3. Serhiy Yaremich, architect, allegedly lives in the Podol District. His friend who filed a request to find Serhiy declines that he did so now. He cannot provide the contact details of his relatives, nor his home address.

  4. Volodymyr Priydun, lives in Ternopil Oblast. His relatives refuse to file a request to search for him and do not give Volodymyr’s photo. According to them, Volodymyr works in construction in Kyiv. According to Volodymyr’s sister, he usually talks to his family every three months and visits them every three years.

Ihor Voronov, resident of the Russian Federation. His mother arrived to Kyiv from Nefteyugansk for a week to look for him from 15.12 – 21.12.2013. The owner of a hostel where Ihor spent the night called his mother. The mother is not going to write the request.

There are three more names remained in the list:

  1. Oleh Brovko, born in 1998. Last time was heard from on 26-28.11.2013. His mother wrote a request for searches in the Uman Police Department in Cherkassy Oblast.

  2. Vitaliy Gennadiyevich Honcharuk, missing from 12.12.2013. There is a contact with his brother. We are waiting for reaction from the police.

  3. Andriy Bohdanov, missing from 10.12.2013. His mother is going to write a request to the police. We are waiting for reaction from the police.