Criminal persecution on ground of organizing mass disturbances, violating the civil order and hindering the deliverance of justice


9 people were detained during the assault of the President Administration: Yaroslav Prytulenko, Vladyslav Zagorovko, Yehor Previr, Yuriy Bolotov, Oleksandr Ostashenko, Valeriy Harahuz, Serhiy Nuzhnenko, Mykola Lazarevskiy, Gennadiy Cherevko. All of them were convicted for 2 months prison sentence. A few more people were detained after the events at Bankova Street. They were convicted to 2 months in prison as well.

Later, the police detained Andriy Dzindzya, a Road Control activist, and Volodymyr Kadura. They are accused of stealing a bulldozer on 1 December. Then Dzindya’s lawyer, Viktor Smoliy, was beaten after he allegedly attacked the judge during the Dzindzya’s trial.

Besides, three persons – Vitaliy Blahodarniy, Oleh Matyash and Roman Bilenkiy – are in custody too, being accused in fighting with the police next to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 24 November.

Oleksandr Solonenko, another detained activist, is suspected in toppling the monument of Lenin on 1 December.

Persecution in the regions.

9 people were detained after the skirmishes between the protesters and Ministry of the Interior and Berkut forces near President Administration on Bankova Street. These people did not know each other before, never violated the law and were not members of any political parties.

Mykola Lazarevskiy, 23, lives in Ternopil, studies architecture and design. He called his fiancée at 10 pm, 01.12.2013 to tell that his is in the ambulance. We can see from videos how Mykola was brutally beaten and kicked on the head, even though he did not show any resistance. His purse was taken away. He has a badly injured head, a concussion, broken nose and bruises all over the body.

Yehor Previr, 27, studies Computer Science. Took part in the protest for the first time in his life. Berkut forces severely beat Serhiy – a traumatic brain injury, broken nose and dislocated jaw. Berkut soldiers took his jacket away, knocked him on the ground and occasionally walked on the lying body if he made any move. He spend several hours in this position until the police took him to the Holosiyev District Police Department at 10 pm. He got first medical aid next morning at 10 am, 2 December. A week after events of 1 December he continued to occasionally lose his conscious.

Vladislav Zagorovko, 38, truck driver, father of three. The lawyers told on 2 December that Mr. Zagorovko was detained at 4:55 pm, 1 December, at Bankova Street. His eye was injured due to the light and noise grenades. Berkut soldiers beat him on the ground,. The results are injured his head, broken rib and bruises all over his body, especially legs. He was transferred from jail to hospital due to the severity of injuries.

Oleksandr Ostashenko, 32, engineer, father of a little daughter. Oleksandr’s friends claim that they saw him on his video where Berkut soldiers beat people; there is a moment where they kick him to find out whether he is still alive. He has a concussion, broken fingers, clogged chest and bruises all over the body

Yuriy Bolotov, 39, businessman and a former Director of Okean Elzy music band, father of two. According to Yuriy’s friend, he saw the events on Bankova Street. Yuriy disappeared immediately after the street was purged. There is a video where one Berkut soldier hits Yuriy with a baton, shouting, “On your knees, scum”. As a result of the beatings, he has numerous soft tissue damages, bruises and whipped knees and elbows. Like others, he spent 2 hours lying on the ground.

Valeriy Garaguts, 45, famous journalist and civil activist from Dnipropetrovsk, founder of LITSA journal. He had a personal medical kit on 01.12.2013 and tried to provide first aid to those injured. He was beaten as well, and he forced to lie on the ground for 2 hours, occasionally he was beaten on with batons. He has a concussion and numerous bruises all over the body.

Serhiy Nuzhenko, 31, a photographer from Kirovohrad, lives in Kyiv. Never joined any political party. He works in trade and is passionate about photography. As volunteer, Serhiy helps various orphanages. According to his friend, Serhiy merely took pictures on Bankova Street, but Berkut beat him too. The results are traumatic brain injury and bruises. Berkut detained him and kicked and punched until his lost consciousness. Serhiy was taken to the ambulance afterwards.

Yaroslav Prytulenko, 21, students, works in a store, never joined any political party. According to his friend, they went to Bankova Street to take a look on what was happening. Yaroslav called his him and told that he got beaten, but it was not too serious. He was detained at Shovkovychna Street where people in civil clothes knocked him on the ground and kicked him on the head and kidneys.

Gennadiy Cherevko, 41, trade agent from Lubny, never joined any political party, father of two. He was beaten even after Berkut detained him. According to his lawyer, Gennadiy was forced to go along the rows of Berkut soldiers and every single one of them threw his punch. As a result, broken hand, head dissection, numerous bruises all over the body and on his face.