The highest number of injured people was recorded after a couple of clashes between protesters gathered on Maidan Nezalezhnosti and internal forces officers as well as “Berkut” riot police officers.

There were two such episodes:

1) when “Berkut” riot police officers dispersed those gathered on Maidan Nezalezhnosti as well as protesters on Bankova Street on November 30 and December 1;

2) when they tried to disperse the protest and remove barricades around Maidan Nezalezhnosti on the night of December 10 - December 11.


1) Dispersing Pro-European Maidan Rally November 30 – December 1.

There is no exact data as to how many people were beaten. According to different sources, it was 30 to 60 persons. According to the Kyiv City State Administration, in the period of November 30 – Dec 1 there were 35 people who reported beatings; a special hotline launched by the EuromaidanSOS initiative received 145 calls. Out of all calls, 60 people informed that they were beaten and received injuries of different level (blows to the head; closed craniocerebral injuries, brain concussions; heads cut open; suspected bone fractures; broken bones, including broken legs and both hands; contusion of joints and extremities; subdermal hematomas; broken dorsums of the nose; teeth knocked out, etc.). 10 persons out of them went to a hospital to take a record of bodily injuries incurred as a result of beatings, and 18 more underwent a medico-legal assessment to do the same, making it an overall number of 28 persons with bodily injuries officially recorded.


Some aggrieved persons reported property loss. For example, 3 persons reported loss of money, personal items (a backpack and an electronic book reader) and technical equipment (camera, field equipment).



2) An attempt to remove the barricades that internal forces employees and the “Berkut” riot police officers undertook on the night of December 10 –11.

EuromaidanSOS recorded the calls of 10 persons, eight of them were beaten and illegallydetained, and the other two (including Sviatoslav Babil) were beaten and let go. All the eight people mentioned were subjected to administrative liability (article 185 of The Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses).


According to information provided on the personal Facebook page of the famous Ukrainian singer and doctor Olha Bohomolets, on December 11 starting from midnight (00:00), the hospitals admitted 36 people (13 of them being law enforcement officers). There were no severely injured among them.

But according to the information gathered by the EuromaidanSOS initiative, the hospital #117 admitted at least 5 people, all of them severely injured, including a young man from Kalush with a spine injury. Those with less serious injuries were treated in ambulances. Presently, there is no data on their possible number.